Here’s to new beginnings

ImageI definitely knew that I should check in to write an update but then I got lazy and inertia set in. So a few weeks ago, I actually was offered and accepted a job and I was so relieved and completely happy. It’s with a company that I was pretty keen on– I liked the manager, I liked the small feel of the company and it seems like a place where I will definitely work hard and hopefully have a good time.

When I finally signed the papers, I felt so many things: happy, nervous, scared, hopeful. Having been unemployed for so long and having felt good and bad feelings about the last placed at which I worked, I didn’t want to count my chickens before they’d hatched…. but I also wanted to celebrate what was an amazing at-the-buzzer accomplishment.

So I just wanted to write this quick post. I want to thank everybody who has given me support through this arduous time in my life and I am hopeful and thankful as 2013 rolls around. I will keep this blog up in the new year and I hope to be more chipper and positive as my life continues.

Happy New Year, everybody!



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