Still going

ImageSo it’s been some time since I last posted. No big announcements but I continue along the job search. I had a really good series of interviews last week and they seemed to appreciate my skillset so we’ll see how things go with that. After Thanksgiving, I feel like I lost a lot of motivation– not out of frustration but merely b/c it seems like this year is rolling to a close and there isn’t a lot more that I can do to search for a job. This isn’t totally true– things are still being posted so I know that I really can’t throw in the towel yet. But my instinct definitely is to lay in bed and read books until things start up in the next calendar year.

In this sense, it definitely is like running a race. At this point, I don’t think I’m racing against others per se. I feel like the motivation is for me to do as well as I can for myself– an internal drive not one in the pursuit of winning a race.

Again, not much to report. Have another phone interview this week and need to apply for a couple of other things I have seen posted.



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