Back on it

So I am now going to write about my very long week during a very long day (yay extra hour!) I went to a Halloween party last night and wow, this 33 year old cannot do that anymore. I feel ok right now but that’s after some vomiting that occurred around the 8 am hour. Also, being Asian– it’s tough going to these things because inevitably you end up talking to these so very adorable, so very young guys (who think you are their age b/c young or old, Asian people never seem to look their age) and it always makes me wonder: where were you guys (or guys like you) when I was young and looking for love??? I think I might have given my number to a 24 year old which kind of bums me out. From what I remember of the conversation, I think I was trying to strongly hint that we were not at all in the same age bracket.

At any rate, so I had my breakdown last weekend, blogged about it Sunday. So the week was actually pretty hectic. I had a number of phone and in-person interviews– nothing that I could at this point at proudly and say: Nailed it! But progress and professional movement always feels good so it was satisfying. I also, after my breakdown, contacted a career coach and met with her on Monday and between our first meeting on Monday and our second meeting on Friday, a lot had happened. Here’s a list.

Monday: Met with placement agency, met with career coach. By the time I get back home, the recruiter at the agency had asked if I was interested in a role and already presented my resume to the team. In-person interview imminent. Also received confirmation for on-site interview at a Peninsula company for Tuesday.

Tuesday: Phone interview and In-person interview at two companies. Vmails from two recruiters.

Wednesday: One recruiter never calls me back after I leave him a vmail. The other tells me about a role he is filling. Sets up an afternoon phone interview with hiring manager. She flakes. Awesome.

Thursday: Apologies– hiring manager thought interview was the next day– are you free at 3? No. On the agenda: phone interview at 1, in-person at another company at 4. Never hear back from recruiter.

Friday: Met with career counselor. Also, checked in with recruiter for a job who flaked on phone call the week before and then said we’d reschedule. Haven’t actually looked at the email she sent me but I can see that the role has been taken off the website and the beginning of the email is rote: Thank you for your interest…. So yeah, she bailed on me and now I don’t get the shot to interview. Thanks. Company is rubbish anyway.

Ok, so yeah that was my week. Some ups, some downs. At least it’s progress and my career counselor is helping me to refine “my story” and not be as functional in describing my traits and accomplishments. As a female and an Asian– I have the tendency (from both identities) to minimize what I have done and can do which obviously hurts me when I’m supposed to be pitching my awesomeness during interviews. Nobody likes humble pie apparently. A slice of self-aggrandizement is much more palatable.

So that’s it from me. Gonna go drink liquids and lay down.



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