So like the cha cha, I’m going a little bit forward and a little bit backward (but with great style!) Had some more interviews in the past week and feel positive about my performance. But still no offer. One company asked for my references 2-3 weeks ago and then nothing so I guess I have to say that one was close but no cigar. I’ve had some nice, esteem boosting conversations with friends who tell me, you haven’t gotten an offer but you’ve made it really close which means that you have *something* and you just have to push it all the way through and make the sale.

Nothing much to report in this post. I will say, however, that companies should really be aware of their recruiters. I know that I’ve written about this in the past, that some recruiters have been ruder or more unprofessional than would be ideal. I have an interview at a company tomorrow and I kind of feel blah about it because when I talked to the recruiter and told her that I’ve been job searching since March, she said “That’s a long time” and then just left it. Not a question like “what have you been doing since?” or anything constructive. And honestly: that’s just rude. I’ve been unemployed for six months (most of it during the summer months) and that is substantial, yes, but not crazy. I hate that I let this moron make me feel bad.

Another recruiter sent out a job description looking for a “pubic accountant.” Here is an email I once received from a recruiter:

I have 12 mos. contract with an online gaming company.  They are seeking an Associate Product Marketing Manager with you backgroun .  if your interested I can be reached at {phone number}

Umm honestly, could you take an email like that seriously? This guy is practically illiterate.




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