Recruiters off {partying} this week

So update on the eerie quietness of this week: not sure if it’s related or not, but apparently every recruiter that was able to convince his/her boss to let them spend a week in Las Vegas is at the LinkedIn Talent Connect conference right now. So yeah, that *might* explain why absolutely nothing is happening this week.

I found this out while stalking a recruiter on Twitter. I assumed she was at a workshop being sponsored by LinkedIn somewhere here in the SF Bay Area. But apparently it’s a huge affair and so let’s hope that this is why absolutely no recruiting is actually happening this week.Other than that, nothing to report. Have my eye on a role at a company my friend works at. Have been bugging her to please please please refer me for the role, which she will… when she has time… because apparently the past couple days have been very busy. Do it. Please.

That’s it.



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