Is anybody out there???

So I don’t know what is going on. After a few weeks of nice activity– interviews, emails from recruiters, etc– it’s deadly silent right now. Nothing. Nothing. What is going on??? People point out a few things. One, yesterday was a holiday for some people (Columbus Day) so some people may be out of office. Two, it’s officially Q4 so things are busy. But Lordy– nothing. Radio silence.

I don’t know what is happening with the company that asked for my references. None of the people on my list have been contacted, which has me expecting the worst. And then I have some leads from the last week or so that have just disappeared. In one case, the recruiter had me speak with the hiring manager and insisted that I check in with her after that call. I did and then she promised to tell me what the hiring manager thought. And then she just disappeared. And for another role, the recruiter contacted me the day I submitted my resume. And then after talking with him, he’s disappeared too. And I’ve sent out my resume for roles that I would expect (perhaps I am presumptuous) to get at least contacted once about. And nothing. What. The. Hell?

I absolutely don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s not me, it’s the universe. My friend pointed out, hey! Getting to the point of asking for references is a good sign! You’re doing something right in your interviews! You’re getting better! And yeah, it’s good validation but I’ve been down this road before. At this point, I’ve come down to the final stage of interviews like 5-8 times and I’ve not been selected once. Only at my last employer and that doesn’t even really count, as far as I’m concerned. And now I’m seeing roles that I’ve been rejected for being reposted online and I wonder: so you’d rather keep looking for 4 months rather than take a chance on me??? Really??? What do you think you’re going to find???

So that’s it for me. I have some maple chicken marinating. It’s that kind of a day.



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