School’s out for the summer

So this has been a very noticeably quiet week. I had one phone interview and that’s about it. From last year (and from anecdote), I know that August tends to be a particularly slow month as people tend to be on vacation right now. So I’m trying to tell myself this is normal and not to panic. I’ve kept applying for jobs but not much response this week. So I figure I’ll write this post, watch People’s Court and call it a week.

I did hear back from one role and it was as disappointing as all others. Now, I forget if I’ve written about this in the past– but the majority of the outcomes from the jobs I’m interviewing for have NOT been that they have gone with another candidate vying for the role. In some cases, they rescope the role (make it more junior or senior than originally anticipated). In other cases, they decide to keep looking for a better candidate (which is ok with me). And then only in a few cases (less than 5 in my experience this past year) did they actively choose somebody else who was being considered for the role.

In this most recent case, I was interviewing to take on a short term role to cover a maternity leave. Now, I should say: I didn’t actually actively apply for this role. I had previously applied for a role at the company and I guess wasn’t selected (I actually never got an official no). So when they were looking for someone for this contract role, the recruiter reached out to me. I interviewed onsite. Then I got a strange email from the recruiter saying something like the decision got pushed out by a bit and she asked for my references just in case the situation was resolved quickly and they needed to speed through the next steps.

Now, my sense was: they had offered the role to somebody else and I was their alternate. Which, I mean: ok, it is what it is. But then I talked to my friend who is friends with another contractor at the company and she gave me the true low down. Basically, because the person going on leave was very high level, they wondered whether to bring in a junior contractor (me) or to take this senior contractor from her current assignment (supporting another team at the company) to fill in. So, I mean: I knew– it was going to be a no for me. A week later, the recruiter let me know that they were going with their longtime contractor. I mean: I understand and I agree with their decision. I guess my annoyance is: why did nobody think of this gal when they were even strategizing for the team member’s absence? Why did I bother driving all the way up there for interviews if there was a good option working at the company (she’s been there a really long time)?

So yeah, nothing to cry about but yet another outcome to add to the “Get your act together, company” pile.

That’s it from me. Happy weekend.



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