Nobody likes being runner up

So I heard back from that role that I had been interviewing for FOREVER and ultimately I wasn’t chosen for the position. I’m fine with it as it always seemed like a stretch role– so there is a certain level of peace that comes with finally getting an answer. I have another role in my consideration set– it’s a contract assignment– so it was good to be able to settle any reservations I had about that lingering possibility and focus forward on other opportunities on the horizon.

The feedback that I received was that the team thought I was really smart but that ultimately, they went with candidates that had a stronger background and more experience in that particular facet of business. Which ok– I get: you can’t fight experience. If somebody is an expert in a field, even the smartest of people is not going to be able to fight that. (Although I would argue that that is how companies end up being uber non-innovative.)

I guess what annoys me, though, is being led on a bit. And again, I know: even having the chance to pitch your potential is a gift and I know that I should savor the opportunity that I was given. I interviewed initially for one role and then was asked to interview for another position. So it’s not like I actively stretched for something that I shouldn’t have. I guess they saw a glimmer of something and decided to investigate. But honestly: it’s like somebody seeing something glimmering in the sun and thinking, “Oooh, that might be something important. I should check it out.” And then they get to the source and realize it’s just a piece of foil but whew, at least they took the time to check it out. Well, it leaves that foil (me) feeling like a piece of garbage. And yes, maybe a shiny, useful piece of garbage but garbage nonetheless.

It comes with the territory. My cousin is also looking for a job and said that recently, she went in for five… yes FIVE rounds of interviews and ultimately wasn’t chosen b/c… that’s right, she didn’t have enough experience. And that was something they could have seen on her resume. And at some point in asking a person to come in FIVE times, you’d think that they’d catch on.

So that’s it. Gotta pick myself up and just keeping moving forward, I guess. This is so tiring though. Tiring tiring tiring.



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