Pick me!

I had my interview yesterday at the top employer on my list. It was several hours, meeting with numerous members of the team. Not sure when I can hope to hear from them about the decision but I just feel like I’m such a great candidate and I want it so bad.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you know in your heart that you HAVE to be the best one for the job– whatever that job may be? For example, you see a hot guy and he has an atrocious girlfriend (perhaps a bitchy personality) and you just stare at him longingly thinking, “Not her. MEEEEEEE! You would be so much happier with MEEEEE!” And the point is not just that you would be happier but more so that you feel, in your heart of hearts, that the other person would be happier b/c you are such the better choice.

When I was working at my last job, I was given a three month housing stipend so that I could live closer to my workplace. I contacted one guy looking to sublet his room for the exact time frame that I was looking for and I went to see the place within a day of his placing his ad. However, he told me that one other person had seen the place before me and to be fair, he felt that he should offer it to that guy first. That guy ended up saying yes to the apartment and the subletter let me know via email. But I felt like responding back to him saying, “I’m ready to give you money and promise to stay the entire time. I’m ready to go. You shouldn’t trust the other guy. I’m a sure thing.” But I didn’t and I found something else not as good but totally sufficient. So within a week or two of me starting work, the subletter emails me and says that the other guy totally flaked and was I still looking for a place. And by then I wasn’t so I politely turned him down. But I really felt like saying, “I was READY TO GO! I would have made the deal THAT DAY.” And part of me felt like he deserved the stress of finding another subletter for being so stupid to the clues that sat right in front of him.

Sometimes I feel that way with jobs that I apply for. Although admittedly, not all of them. But for the ones where I want it so much, I feel like standing on the table and telling them: don’t believe those other liars! Don’t believe the ones that exaggerate their abilities and will be so disappointing when you realize that they aren’t nearly as great as they claimed they were! I’m the one you want! I’m talented! I’m hardworking! I’ll do my work with a smile and panache! I intend to stay for the long term! I’ll bake cupcakes and bring them in to the office! You just want them to KNOW: YOU ARE IT. YOU ARE THE BEST. PICK YOU PICK YOU PICK YOU!

But of course you don’t do silly things like that. You politely answer their questions, show off your ability to speak clearly, strategize effectively and hope, just hope, that they see your immense potential and choose you.

Fingers crossed.



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