You schmooze, you lose

So my job search continues along. One of the things that I know and that I’ve been told over and over again is the need to reach out to my network and ask that people keep me on their radars should they hear of open roles. The idea revolves around the concept of Dunbar’s rule/number: that most people have a network of about 150-160 people and that they are better able to channel and share opportunities via this ecosystem than you might be able to via blind applications on a website (which is the WORST way to apply for jobs by the way).

I have been doing this in part but honestly: there’s nothing that makes you feel more like a groveling moron than having to tell people that you’re unemployed and please, can they help you find a job? Given the reverse, I don’t mind it. In fact, I have friends that are also searching for work and I don’t think anything of sharing with them roles that I come across that seem to be a good match. Also, when I find open roles that I am interested in, I have reached out to my network for referrals and it has been nice to get positive reception from others.

But to just up and call somebody for the mere purpose of getting them to report open roles to you: I know that I should, but man, it is awkward. Also, my main gripe with this tactic is that if they never come across an open role that is a match to you, then you won’t find yourself applying to very many jobs. But I get it: it’s a good thing to do in addition to everything else and that old standby applies: it couldn’t hurt.

I have an interview tomorrow for a role at a company that I want so very desperately. I have been preparing all day. And then before the interview, I plan on stopping by a job faire (where this company is supposedly going to have a rep on site) to see if I can make a personal connection. There we go. Gonna get my schmooze on.



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