Pick me!

I had my interview yesterday at the top employer on my list. It was several hours, meeting with numerous members of the team. Not sure when I can hope to hear from them about the decision but I just feel like I’m such a great candidate and I want it so bad.

Have you ever felt that way? Like you know in your heart that you HAVE to be the best one for the job– whatever that job may be? For example, you see a hot guy and he has an atrocious girlfriend (perhaps a bitchy personality) and you just stare at him longingly thinking, “Not her. MEEEEEEE! You would be so much happier with MEEEEE!” And the point is not just that you would be happier but more so that you feel, in your heart of hearts, that the other person would be happier b/c you are such the better choice. Continue reading


You schmooze, you lose

So my job search continues along. One of the things that I know and that I’ve been told over and over again is the need to reach out to my network and ask that people keep me on their radars should they hear of open roles. The idea revolves around the concept of Dunbar’s rule/number: that most people have a network of about 150-160 people and that they are better able to channel and share opportunities via this ecosystem than you might be able to via blind applications on a website (which is the WORST way to apply for jobs by the way). Continue reading

Oh God…

A few months ago, I drove down to the Los Angeles area to stay with my extended family and also interview at a company down there. In the end, I realized the job wasn’t really for me (it was too celebrity-oriented and I’m just frankly much too boring). But it was a nice jaunt down to SoCal nonetheless.

My extended family is very religious– Chinese Baptist to be exact. I grew up largely without religion, though my mom is Catholic and recently has become much more involved with a local church and my sister is Catholic, having been baptized while in high school. I also attended a Catholic high school so I’m well versed on Christianity and honestly probably should just become Catholic. But it’s never really been a priority for me so I never have.

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The biggest loser (and not in a good way)

I was chatting with my childhood friend today (she is also unemployed but for different reasons and within a totally different circumstance) and she admitted that her lack of interviews and her general situation made her feel like a loser. And I agreed: that I also feel like a loser most of the time. I’m one of the last people from my graduating class to get a job and in fact 2012 graduates have already started working and I am not (and yes, I know there’s that 6 month block when I was working). And I dunno: I just feel like at this age, I should be more accomplished and so much farther along in every aspect of my life. Continue reading

Note to self: Stop being lame sauce

So I should start off by explaining that I’m suffering from nearly incapacitating allergies right now. I’ve noticed that during and after a heat wave, what is referred to as “Spare the Air Days” in the SF Bay area b/c the air is so muggy and air quality suffers, my allergies are at their worst. I can’t smell anything and I took a look up my nostrils the other day and noticed that one nostril is 30% the size of the other one. I’ve had one septoplasty in my lifetime and now I’m wondering if another surgery is necessary (and they are pretty awful). Add to that the fact that it’s that certain special time of the month for me. So all in all, I’m a bit of a mess but hopefully getting better. Continue reading

Can’t we all just get along?

I woke up this morning and, as is my custom, went online to check out all my need-to-know news (which included a visit to Facebook as well as CNN.com). Sadly, Rodney King was found dead today. He was the victim of a severe beating at the hands of cops in Southern California in the early 90s. When the cops were acquitted of his death, people rioted in Los Angeles. I was in elementary school when this happened– around 6th grade, I think– so I remember vividly watching the news about the chaos in LA. Not sure what the circumstances are surrounding his death (the news story reports that he was found dead in his pool) but I hope he rests in peace.

What really ignited public outrage was not just the story itself, of King’s beating, but rather a video that was made of the beating that was sent to the local news. I don’t know this for sure– meaning, I am too lazy to do more research regarding the videomaker’s intentions when he made and sent the film– but I’m going to guess that he was outraged by what had happened and felt some kind of a civic duty to share this news in order to enact some level of justice. I mean, in the 1990s, either you contacted the police or you contacted the news if you wanted attention and action. Continue reading

Let’s help kids be even more fat

I was looking through news stories on my Google News feed when I came across this story: that the same advertising agency responsible for promoting Capri Sun’s super sized portable drinks (’cause diabetes is so refreshing!) is the same agency that created Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign (to combat childhood obesity). The first paragraph of the story ends with the word: Awk-ward.

Now, I actually don’t think this is so awkward because chances are there are two totally different teams working on each campaign– each one having a marketing strength enabling them to create a high quality campaign without much concern as to what other teams are working on. Totally not a conflict of interest. In fact, agencies aside, CPG companies often have contradictory product lines– case in point: Unilever owns both Dove (ladies: love your body, just as it is!) and Axe (douchebags: use our products and hot girls will bang you!) Business is business. It ain’t personal and neutral bodies don’t have to take a side. Continue reading

The wrong book at the wrong time

Because I have so much free time on my hands, I have been reading a ton. I just finished “The Good Girl’s Guide to Getting Lost, A Memoir of Three Continents, Two Friends, and One Unexpected Adventure” by Rachel Friedman– which was awesome but also really the worst book for me to read at exactly this point in my life.

The book is about me… well, somebody almost exactly like me. Unsure about her post-college future, the author spends a summer in Ireland. She leaves the US without distinct plans and it is when she is living outside of the hell (really) that is go-go-go USA, she realizes that there is a different pace and lifestyle observed in other parts of the world. Continue reading

When life hands you lemons… make lemon bars!

First off, I have to say that I adore the clip art that I found for this post. This 50’s housewife looks like she’s had electroshock therapy– something commonly administered to depressed women of that age. She looks enthusiastically demented.

Anyhoo, I was chatting with my friend today asking her what she had bought during a session of “retail therapy” yesterday. Instead of clothing, she admitted that she had stocked up on all baking accessories as she makes cakes in her spare time. I asked her if this was a side job or something she was thinking of transitioning into full-time and I believe she said it was a fun side gig.

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I was chatting with a former Google colleague earlier this week. I found out (via his FB post) that he, after about 5 years, was taking the plunge– deciding to leave Google and do something totally different. We chatted about different things, including my job search, and he said that I seemed less frenzied than before– I’m not really sure what “before” references. I admitted that yeah, after finishing up my last assignment at a place that I knew wasn’t really the best cultural match for me, I was definitely treading more lightly in my job search. Once bitten, twice shy I guess. Continue reading