In today’s news

Man, yet another scary day. No graphic for this post. Feels inappropriate.

– Guy goes on a rampage in Seattle– shooting and killing four people in a cafe and a woman whose car he tried to carjack. When cops approached, he shot himself in the head and died this evening. Total of six deaths.

– Continuing violence in Syria. Men, women and children murdered en masse.

– Shooting rampage in Indianapolis, leaving two dead. This shooting didn’t garner as much press as the shooting in Seattle.

– Stocks slipping, Europe is still in danger, Facebook stock value down 24% from IPO just last week. Facebook getting sued– I think insider tipped off big institutions that stock price was overvalued at IPO, failure to disclose to independent investors. This one seems like a no-brainer, no? Unless this guy went rogue (or is retarded), seems like this should never have happened.

Shit– what is happening in the world? Life is too scary. I feel justified in hermitting some more.


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