I’m already over this week

So this post is kind of about nothing but honestly: nothing good seems to have happened this week. Now, I’m naturally kind of a paranoid person– so it is possible that bad news impacts me more than other people. Also, being unemployed, I have a lot of time to catch up on the news– and I think it is well established that only the craziest of news stories seems to go viral these days. So let’s check out what’s happened in the recent past.

My friend pinged me to ask if I had seen the news story about the Yale graduate who had died in a car crash. What’s notable about this young woman is that she was a really good writer and was poised to join The New Yorker following graduation. Reading over her list of accomplishments, she really was a phenom and my friend asked me, were we ever this driven or organized in our youth? And resoundingly, my answer was no: at such a young age, I never possessed the poise and drive and hope of this young woman. It’s sad to hear of the passing of someone who had yet to have the opportunity to make their impact on the world.

I don’t know if these things are just increasing (with distractions like texting, the persistence of drunk drinking despite knowing the risks, etc) but I feel like there are a number of stories of young people passing right before or after their graduations. A UC Berkeley graduate (and later her son) died in a car accident– quite strangely very near to where I lived in Berkeley when I was an undergraduate there (corner of California and Allston Ave). An HBS student died under yet-to-be-identified circumstances in Maine during a celebration just days before his graduation. There is also a story of a woman in Colorado who drunkenly walked into a house and was shot by the owners (she survived but will be charged with trespassing, I believe). Again, being a totally paranoid person– I’ve always been freaked out by the possibility of something happening right after a happy and momentous life event– it seems like it would be doubly terrible to have to celebrate and mourn and to have to simultaneously face what could have been and what will never be.

Another friend pinged to ask if I had heard the story of the guy in Miami eating another guy’s face. And indeed: I had heard of this too. Now, the attacker’s identity has been confirmed (he was shot dead by police when he refused to stop eating the other guy’s face) but there hasn’t been any insight on what led to the attack. The victim, I believe, survived but given his current state, I would wonder if he will survive long term. (VERY GRAPHIC pictures are available on Gawker. I warn you: they are crazy graphic and bloody and really awful.) I mean honestly: what kind of a world is this that people, perhaps fueled by drugs, are biting off other people’s faces??? Jesus Christ: I don’t even want to leave the house!

And also, living in the SF Bay area, last week there was news that the person believed to be responsible for Sierra LaMar’s disappearance and probable murder had been identified. Details have not yet been released– just that DNA of each party had been found on the other’s property– but it is believed that she was kidnapped simply from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The whole story is so incredibly sad and one of the saddest details is that the victim’s mother called her her “miracle baby” because I believe she had Sierra later in her life.

Let’s see, what else? HP is laying of 27,000 people. There were a series of earthquakes in Italy (killing nearly 20 people, I think) as well as one in Southern California today. Umm, in the past couple of weeks, a couple of women have been ravaged by flesh eating bacteria. A major law firm has just filed for bankruptcy. Spain is on the verge of collapse. Umm, yeah I think those are the highlights. Are you depressed too? Yeah.

Ok, let’s look at this puppy and try to feel happy.

Yeah, life is depressing. While I stay home primarily because I don’t really need to leave the house (and pay over $4 for a gallon of gas and potentially spend money on things that I don’t need), I also sometimes feel like it’s a better option to square away at home when the actions of others (nature being placed in that category as well) are so unpredictable.





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