Good friends, good times

I have just spent the past half hour trying to upload a photo that I took over the weekend and now I’ve just given up. One of the things that makes me absolutely crazy about living with my parents is that they have what amounts to late 1990s technology. I am writing this post from a desktop computer, connected via broadband (no wifi in this home!) and that I know, via a pop-up that I saw last week, is totally infected with the Trojan virus. Even though I have offered to GIVE my parents my old laptop (old meaning purchased about 3 years ago– that is OLD in my book) they are trapped in a technology mindset of yore.

Now, admittedly: I am being a bit of a brat considering I get to live here for free. But man, the lack of technological adoption in this home drives me crazy. My parents own and use a rotary telephone. Every time I watch Mad Men on television and I see them using their rotary telephones in a retro-fantastic kind of way, I need only look over at my parents’ chartreuse rotary telephone and feel incredibly frustrated. I told my friend about my parents’ rotary phone and she was like, “That’s so cool! I have a collection of rotary telephones!” (that she has purchased at inflated prices from thrift stores in SF.) But my parents don’t have this vintage treasure b/c they are cool and ironic hipsters. They literally just never thought to unplug the device or follow the latest telephonic trends over the past… um like 30 years….

Anyhoo, this post was supposed to be about the fun day I had in SF yesterday. My friend invited me to go hiking with her and her coworkers in Lands End, San Francisco. Then we had Burmese food (yum!) and then I joined my friend (in town for Bay to Breakers) and drank beer in Dolores Park (where cool and ironic hipsters like to congregate.) Being cooped up at home, it was really nice to have a great day in the city.  Since my friend knows my tendencies to hermit, I appreciate her effort to get me out of my comfort zone to do something fun– even the text she sent me at 10:30 pm the night before reminding me to make it out there.

So yeah, this post is about kind of nothing. I guess I just feel happy that I have people that care about me and are trying to help me get past this tough time. It gives me more strength to tackle the things I have to tackle.

I have a job that I found on Friday that seems like a great opportunity. I have my resume and cover letter done and have to apply tomorrow. I love finding opportunities that get me excited. It injects a certain level of hope and passion into what is otherwise such a very disappointing effort.



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