I feel like a chicken, pretty much all the time

My post today is inadvertantly chicken-themed. I chose to use this piece of art (taken from repmanblog.com) because it’s been a really tough week in business and it really does feel like the sky is falling. On the flip side, I am currently eating some KFC that my mom brought home. I don’t know what it is but KFC is crazy delicious and always makes everything in life way better, as far as I’m concerned.

So this week, a lot of things seem to have gone down and whether this will have a real impact on the economy, well we’ll see. I say “real impact” because I feel that the media obviously feeds on sensationalism and likes to tout how terribly everything is going in the economy, even to the detriment of morale or consumer confidence. It’s kind of ironic when they report on consumer confidence being down b/c it’s as if they don’t think they have an impact on it by focusing on Armageddon-like stories. It’s like they pushed over a vase and then try to objectively report on its being broken. Not cool.

The Yahoo CEO (only in office about five months following the dismissal of the former CEO) stepped down due to an inaccuracy in his background. It was reported that the CEO of Best Buy had stepped down previously due to an affair with a coworker; due to knowledge and failure to act, the founder also stepped down, I think. (Accuracy is clearly not a priority in this blog!) JP Morgan announced $2 billion in losses due to “rogue trades.” I find that phrase kind of funny personally only because in my brain, I always see the image of somebody looking left and right to make sure that nobody is around and then furiously typing away on a computer and then running away. Who did that? Oh, it was that scampish rogue trader! Why I oughta….!

I was chatting with two friends just generally about life things. With one friend, I admitted that I feel scared a lot of the time and she agreed. Though she is gainfully employed, she said that the unpredictability of life (not just economy but with regards to relationship and everything else related to life as  a whole) made her feel the same way. Another friend admitted that she misses the bravado she felt in youth– something that she struggles with now in her new job. Now, I will admit that after she said that, I had to look up the definition of “bravado” which generally means a display of confidence or bravery. It just seems like as we’ve gotten older and better (conceivably), our fear and self-consciousness have increased, our confidence– in ourselves and in our ability to do great things in life– has decreased. Man, it’s sad. I need another piece of chicken.

I know that I (as well as most of my cohorts) are at a time of transition right now, which always makes wins but particularly losses feel bigger and more important. But I wonder: if I was sorted (WHEN I am sorted), would this feeling persist? My friend #2 mentioned above is in a really good spot: she has a nice job at a stable tech company and makes quite a lot in compensation. If I was in her spot, would I still feel unhappy? Are my friends and I just masochists? Are we overly critical / analytical / Debbie Downers? Would happiness be elusive even if we had all of our ducks in a row? Is the economy just an excuse or does it really have an overwhelming impact on how we feel these days? I don’t have any answers to these questions– not for you and not for myself. But what I do have, my dears, is chicken: warm, deliciously seasoned chicken.

So that’s it from me. Had a phone screen with a recruiter this morning that I don’t know I feel great about. Checked in with a place I’d interviewed at a week ago and I sense that they are giving me the run around before rejecting me. Not been a great week, but it’s hump day so hope everybody has a good day and that it’s a nice slide into the weekend.



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