It’s like Apples and oranges… except it’s not

Wow, I have been a super Debbie Downer this past week. I do think that circumstances in the world– tragedies, undesirable human behavior, economy, etc– have been particularly noticeable this week. As just an update on my job search: I am progressing along. I have irons in the fire and have some interviews scheduled for this week and next– so things are not all gloom and doom in my personal life per se.

So today, I will try to be more interesting. The point of this blog is a chance for me to express frustration or just generally discuss things that I have witnessed and reflected upon in the 30 some years of my life. So I will first say that I am really lucky. I think that when I’m writing, I tend to come off bratty and ungrateful since I use this blog to rant and vent. I fully acknowledge that in a world where opportunity is 95% based on chance and luck and things that you can’t control– I have been blessed to have been given a lot of opportunities and that I am grateful for these things.

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In today’s news

Man, yet another scary day. No graphic for this post. Feels inappropriate.

– Guy goes on a rampage in Seattle– shooting and killing four people in a cafe and a woman whose car he tried to carjack. When cops approached, he shot himself in the head and died this evening. Total of six deaths.

– Continuing violence in Syria. Men, women and children murdered en masse.

– Shooting rampage in Indianapolis, leaving two dead. This shooting didn’t garner as much press as the shooting in Seattle.

– Stocks slipping, Europe is still in danger, Facebook stock value down 24% from IPO just last week. Facebook getting sued– I think insider tipped off big institutions that stock price was overvalued at IPO, failure to disclose to independent investors. This one seems like a no-brainer, no? Unless this guy went rogue (or is retarded), seems like this should never have happened.

Shit– what is happening in the world? Life is too scary. I feel justified in hermitting some more.

I’m already over this week

So this post is kind of about nothing but honestly: nothing good seems to have happened this week. Now, I’m naturally kind of a paranoid person– so it is possible that bad news impacts me more than other people. Also, being unemployed, I have a lot of time to catch up on the news– and I think it is well established that only the craziest of news stories seems to go viral these days. So let’s check out what’s happened in the recent past.

My friend pinged me to ask if I had seen the news story about the Yale graduate who had died in a car crash. What’s notable about this young woman is that she was a really good writer and was poised to join The New Yorker following graduation. Reading over her list of accomplishments, she really was a phenom and my friend asked me, were we ever this driven or organized in our youth? And resoundingly, my answer was no: at such a young age, I never possessed the poise and drive and hope of this young woman. It’s sad to hear of the passing of someone who had yet to have the opportunity to make their impact on the world. Continue reading

Is life a race? And if it is, am I losing?

Happy Memorial Day, everybody–particularly to our brave men and women in the military!

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Hello all–

So I begin today’s post with a story that I am certainly not proud of. Things are a bit tense in my house because I yelled at my mother the other night. And what was the cause of my outburst? {Deep breath} A big pot full of the most God-awful mashed potatoes I have ever had. Yes, please judge me. I’m a terrible person. Continue reading

The economics of unemployment

One of my favorite classes in business school was economics (which is not to say that I excelled in the class– enjoyment and excellence are two totally different things). There is a certain level of predictability/structure when it comes to the flow of money and I like knowing that there are rules or guidelines for how these decisions are made.

One concept of economics relates to costs: fixed/variable, sunk, opportunity. I think that’s it. Not totally sure. I actually had to ping my friend because I couldn’t remember one of the costs listed above. See my earlier caveat re: interest vs. excellence.

So the cost that I’m going to discuss today is opportunity cost which is the idea that in pursuing one thing, you are giving up other options. If you consider life a series of investments, every option pursued has a possible outcome and it is each outcome that you are probably contemplating as you decide which option to take. And for each thing you decide to do, there are a bunch of things that you’ve given up (the opportunity costs) and you want to be sure when making that decision that those options won’t generate better outcomes. It’s an academic concept that is totally applicable to life. Continue reading

Good friends, good times

I have just spent the past half hour trying to upload a photo that I took over the weekend and now I’ve just given up. One of the things that makes me absolutely crazy about living with my parents is that they have what amounts to late 1990s technology. I am writing this post from a desktop computer, connected via broadband (no wifi in this home!) and that I know, via a pop-up that I saw last week, is totally infected with the Trojan virus. Even though I have offered to GIVE my parents my old laptop (old meaning purchased about 3 years ago– that is OLD in my book) they are trapped in a technology mindset of yore. Continue reading


So even though I’m currently not working, I do love Fridays b/c it means that the stresses of the workweek (for me: job searching) are over and I can spend two delicious days being totally useless and wasting time and not feel one bit remorseful for it.

I’m also particularly glad that today has passed b/c the Facebook IPO finally happened. I live in Silicon Valley and not only has the news been plastered with a countdown and updates regarding the impending IPO, it has been overtaken with the media’s asinine speculations and non-stories regarding the event. At some point, news should actually be based on something that has happened– right? Two+ weeks of stories about what might happen have driven me over the edge. If I have to watch another bubbleheaded reporter standing at a luxury car dealership reporting on the many luxury vehicles that new Facebook millionaires may purchase– Lord… Continue reading

I feel like a chicken, pretty much all the time

My post today is inadvertantly chicken-themed. I chose to use this piece of art (taken from because it’s been a really tough week in business and it really does feel like the sky is falling. On the flip side, I am currently eating some KFC that my mom brought home. I don’t know what it is but KFC is crazy delicious and always makes everything in life way better, as far as I’m concerned.

So this week, a lot of things seem to have gone down and whether this will have a real impact on the economy, well we’ll see. I say “real impact” because I feel that the media obviously feeds on sensationalism and likes to tout how terribly everything is going in the economy, even to the detriment of morale or consumer confidence. It’s kind of ironic when they report on consumer confidence being down b/c it’s as if they don’t think they have an impact on it by focusing on Armageddon-like stories. It’s like they pushed over a vase and then try to objectively report on its being broken. Not cool.

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Job Search Boot Camp

So at the urging of my school’s career counselor, I signed up for what was called a “job search support group” but actually ended up being pretty much job search boot camp. We had our first phone meeting (it runs once a week for six weeks) and the jury’s still out on how I feel about it. While I think it’s good to have structure, I wonder if I could legitimately do some of the things suggested. For example, we are told to make 20 contacts per week. I mean sure– I’m looking for a job but that just seems painful and arduous. Maybe I am being lame and this will push me over the edge and force me to do the things that will help me eventually find a job. We’ll see. Continue reading